Walking vs Running…Do they have the same benefits?

The other day I was on my way to work and while leaving my neighborhood I saw some women walking, my first thought was “Good for them, they are up early getting their steps in”. Then I thought that maybe I should join a walk group….which raised a bunch of questions. 

  • Will I maintain the same fitness level?
  • How much time would it require?
  • Would it be better for my dog? And me?
  • Will I get to buy new shoes? Just kidding, not really a question…of course I would get new shoes. 🙂

These questions all came to me in a few seconds while driving and mostly answered in the same few seconds. I am a runner. My endurance is bound to lessen if I became a walker. Question 1 asked and answered. The time required is obviously going to be more (if I want to burn the same amount of calories, see chart below) which is one of the main reasons I don’t walk…it takes too long. Next question…sure it would be better for my dog now that she’s getting older, but my kids can walk her and she’s still good for short runs with me. Better for me…I think not, as evidenced by what I just mentioned. Lastly, will I get to buy new shoes…oh wait, not a question, and probably the best reason to start walking. 🙂

Walking may not be for me, at this point in my life, but that doesn’t mean I think any less of those who choose to walk. Moving is moving, and any way you get your steps in is better than not getting any steps in. I choose to run because it burns more calories and I finish faster. If you are trying to decide if running is for you, maybe this will help…

  • Running provides a cardio workout that will strengthen your heart and lungs.
  • Running builds endurance…( To keep up with your kids or grandkids!)
  • Running burns more calories in less time!
  • Running improves brain health. (To be fair, almost any form of exercise improves brain health.)
  • To be a runner doesn’t mean you have to run the whole time, you can run/walk.


running quote

 Running vs Walking

Calories burned per HOUR for a 160 pound person
Walking 3 mph – 317
Walking 4 mph – 374
Running 5 mph -614
Running 6 mph – 730
Running 7 mph – 835
Running 8 mph – 979
Running 10 mph – 1,306

Calories burned per MILE for a 160 Pound Person
Walking 3.0 mph – 85
Walking 4.0 mph – 91
Walking 5.0 mph – 116
Running 5.0 mph – 116
Running 6.0 mph – 121
Running 7.0 mph – 119
Running 8.0 mph – 123
Running 10.0 mph – 131

running is a gift
Always be thankful you can run (or walk if you choose)!


Are you a runner or a walker? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Keep running my friends!






  1. Ruthie Ridley (@RuthieRidley) | 14th Jun 17

    I am a runner and I love the points you have made! I burn a ton of calories in just 30 min and feel amazing after every single time!

    • Denise | 17th Jun 17

      Right Ruthie?! It’s all about the calories!! Well mostly 😉 Thanks for reading! Keep running my friend!

  2. Rachel G | 14th Jun 17

    I’m definitely a walker! And married to a runner who’s always training for some long race or another, so we go out and run/walk together–and give each other high fives every time he passes me! 😛 Walking is definitely good for me, I need more of a low impact, low calorie burning exercise–normally I do pilates inside the house but it’s nice to get active outside too!

    • Denise | 17th Jun 17

      I’m sure your husband loves having you out there with him. Running is definitely not for everyone but walking is a good way to change it up from your indoor pilates like you said. Who knows maybe someday you’ll find yourself doing a 5k fun run. 🙂

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