Smoothie Tuesday Trail Race #3

We did it! Yay! It wasn’t the 83 degrees my weather app said it was going to be, more like 91, but it felt cooler than the previous 2 races, with a little breeze.

I actually felt better this time but didn’t really run any faster, still came in 2nd in my age group. There was a woman in the 60-69 age group that came in way ahead of me. Apparently I got some training to do 😉 !

I wore the neck gator again this time. Still can’t decide if it helps or not. It is nice to have a cool cloth to wipe my face but having something around my neck seems weird to me.


Mario below, looking strong. He also ran about the same as last time even with a minor injury. Great job Mario!


We didn’t get any pictures together or with our medals because I got to the race just minutes before it started (traffic, ugh) and then forgot when we finished. Oh well, next time. Oh wait, I’m not doing this brutal race again!


For other trail runs in So Cal go to There is a trail race every month from Sept to April. Let’s do this!


Hope this inspires you to get out on the trails and enjoy the outdoors while challenging yourself and getting strong!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Keep running my friends!


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