Running Strong in 2017

Starting off 2017 feeling good! Went out for 3 miles with my dog (she’s getting too old to do much more) made a pit stop at home, changed out of my long sleeve for a short sleeve, got my Yurbuds since my Jaybirds wouldn’t connect, got a sip of water, then went back out for another 3 miles. Not my ideal way to do my long run but sometimes you gotta make your dog happy 🙂

Turned out to be a great run. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t have to stop a hundred times for my dog to pee. I’m pretty sure she “fake pees” just so we can stop and she can rest or sniff the grass.

Or maybe it was the new shoes…

new shoes

Or the beautiful weather…until tomorrow, when we get more, much needed rain here in southern California.

Or because my music was shuffling in just the right order… Prince, Beyonce’, Maroon 5…to name a few :-). (Click on Runlist 2016 at the top of the page for the full playlist.)

I love it when everything falls right into place. I felt strong and fast (credit the new shoes). I kept my pace below 10 min/mile (yay) with most of the run below 9.5 min/mile (big yay!). I don’t usually do speed work (fartleks, see recent post on running terms defined) on my long run but with The Great Chocolate Race coming up in a few weeks I figured I needed to step it up. Click below to register for a race near you.

great chocolate race

It feels good to run strong. My goal for the new year is to improve overall strength and flexibility. I look forward to exploring new ways to get stronger and sharing my progress with you. Let’s get strong together!

Check back soon for strength training exercises for runners, reviews of some new recipes, and much more!

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Keep running!



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