Looking for a fun 5k or 10k? I found one for you!

This run looked like a fun race for the summer.

Running an organized race is a great way to connect with other runners. The camaraderie amongst runners is such a good feeling. And if you are new to running or are training for your first half marathon, running a 5k or 10k is a great way to see what it is like to run with a huge group of people.

Things to remember when running your 1st or 50th race:

  • Don’t change a thing. This includes pre-run food (if you usually eat a banana before you run, don’t eat a Cliff bar for the 1st time now), drinks (same, if you sip water while you run don’t take the Gatorade offered), clothes (now might not be the time to wear a new shirt or shoes, you don’t want them to rub you the wrong way. Most people can wear whatever for 3.1 miles but if you are doing a half–13.1– it could mean chafing for 10 miles).
  • Wear your race number in front! I don’t know why people put their number in the back but if you want to find your race photos it’s going to take a real long time if they can’t put your picture in according to your number. Also, they might call out your name as you cross the finish line, but only if they can see your number 🙂
  • Start with your correct pace group. Races starts are divided according to pace. If you run a 8 min mile you will be closer to the front, whereas if you run a 12 min mile then you will be more towards the back. I made the  mistake of starting front and center (literally) in my very first 5k and nearly got trampled. Thank goodness for the nice man next to me and my friend, who noticed that we obviously didn’t know what we were doing and warned us just before the gun went off. Those people in front are serious!
  • Start easy. Meaning, unless you have been running all out for 3 miles while training, don’t do it now. The adrenaline in the atmosphere naturally makes you run faster but just be careful you don’t start out too fast and you end up with leg cramps or you don’t have the energy to finish strong. Having said that…
  • Finish strong. Most runners are competing with themselves, except at the end of a race, then you want to beat the person next to you!

You are ready to race!

Click below for details on a fun run for the whole family.

Awesome 80’s Run 5k/10k in Pasadena on July 23rd.

Sorry for my out of state friends and readers. I post mostly about local events but you can go to Active.com to find events in your area.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Keep running!


  1. melinda scharf | 16th May 16

    Great info Denise! You are so inspiring

    • Denise | 16th May 16

      Thanks Melinda! I will soon be adding info about triathlons.

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