Coming This Fall…Holiday Trail Series


Looks like a perfect trail run series to get a jump on holiday parties and the calories that come with them.

This series has a distance for everyone, 5k – half marathon. They are Saturday morning runs. Get out there early and be done for the day. Just the way I like it.

Each run is in a different location, which is also kind of nice.

Trail running strengthens your ankles as you run over uneven terrain. It also sharpens your mind for the same reason. There’s no zoning out in trail running. You must pay attention to your footing or else risk sprawling out face first in the dirt. (Been there, done that) Keep your feet up (no shuffling along) and go slow and steady on the down hills.

Trail running is a whole different beast, but well worth the effort for the scenery and occasional wild life spotting. Come join us on the trail this fall.

Click here for more information.

Keep running my friends!

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