August Goals Update

It is so hard to stick to new goals!

Sometimes reading someone else’s goals helps define goals of your own. Maybe you can relate to 1 or 2 (or all 6) of my goals and now you might want to add them to your own list. 

Here’s my first week, I didn’t do as well as I had hoped…

Goal #1: Start a journal. I did start a journal, it only took 6 revisions, but I think I know what I want now. Writing down my runs and workouts really helps me see what I have (or have not) done. It adds some accountability.

Goal #2: Train for a fast 5k/10k. I haven’t officially registered for a 5k or 10k yet but I have a couple in mind. Heroes in Recovery 6k in Malibu on Sept. 23rd. or XTERRA Laguna Beach 6k Trail Run  on Oct 8th. My runs this past week have focused on shorted faster runs. Monday I ran 4 easy miles (okay, so this one wasn’t fast but the rest were), Thursday I did 3.5 miles at a 9 – 10 min/mi (mm) pace, Friday I went to the high school track (YAY me! I always say I’m going to go do track work but never do). I ran an easy 1/2 mile to the track, then ran 3 miles of sprinting on the straight a-ways and slowed to a jog/walk on the curves, then ran/walked the 1/2 mile home. Saturday we were at our mountain cabin so I ran/walked a hilly 2.5 miles.

cabin run
Mountain running at its best!

Goal #3: Plank. I only planked on Monday. There really is no excuse for my lack of follow through. I mean seriously it’s 2 minutes out of my day. My only reason I have, is simply forgetting. I get in bed and after getting all cozy, I’m like “Oh sh**! I forgot to do my plank!” I need to get in the habit of checking my journal as a reminder of what I’m supposed to be doing.

Goal #4: Healthy recipe. I didn’t make a new healthy recipe but I did pick one for this week. Mexican Pasta Salad. I also pinned this recipe to my Pinterest board. Click here to follow me on Pinterest. I found the recipe on a food blog: Chlesea’s Messy Apron.

Goal #5: Arm Workout. I did my arm workout on Monday and Thursday. Not bad, but there really is no reason I couldn’t do this quick workout every night. It only takes a few minutes. Go to my Pinterest board to find the workout I do.

Goal #6: Stretch/Foam roll: My goal was to stretch or foam roll for 10 minutes after every run. How many times did I do this? Zip! Zero! Nada! This one is going to take some time and it’s going to need to become a habit. Stretching is so important as you get older. Flexibility keeps a body young.

After reviewing my goals and how I did this week  I started thinking maybe I should’ve started with less goals. But then I thought “No” these are all very doable goals. So I will continue to focus on these six goals and strive to do better next week. 🙂

Do you set weekly or monthly goals?

Do you keep a running or fitness journal?

Thanks for reading!

Keep Running!





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