Music Monday…”‘Cause it’s a Party”

This weeks song comes from an artist who always promotes peace and love, Carlos Santana. I heard this song while driving to San Luis Obispo for my half  a week ago. As usual it was the beat that caught my attention but when I looked up the lyrics I knew it was going to be the song of the week. This song was released in 2007 but the words are relatable to what is going on today. The struggle is real.

                                                                              Just Imagine Living in a Place Where We Can Live as One
                                                                              Faith and Trust and Life Without Borders
                                                                              Peace for Everyone
                                                                              Calling Out to All of God’s Children, Just Need to Understand
                                                                              War Has Never Been a Solution
                                                                              Let’s Embrace our Fellow Man

Interplanetary Party Santana


Having upbeat songs on my playlist gives me energy and can improve my mood or attitude. Find songs for your playlist by clicking on the links at the top of the page.

Does music improve your mood? Do you prefer to run with or without music?  Leave a comment below.

Keep running!


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