Gifts For The Runner in Your Life

Looking to get a gift for the runner in your life? No need to spend a fortune (but you can if you want to). I have compiled two lists for two price ranges. There is something for everyone.

5 Gifts under $20

  1. Socks: We all need socks. Some of us are pickier than others. Look for words like seamless and wicking and you should be safe.
  2. Gloves: It’s getting chilly (even here in So Cal), warm hands can make the difference between a comfortable run and a miserable one.
  3. Yurbuds: These earbuds are great! They stay in place and have great sound. They come in a variety of colors for under 20 bucks. Even if your runner has a favorite earbud, these can be great back-ups. I  have Yurbuds for when I forget to charge my wireless Jaybirds. 41-kucpdscl__sy300_
  4. Bag of fuel: Fill a gift bag with Cliff bars, GU, Sports Beans, Cliff Blocks, and Power Bars.  It’s a great way for your runner to try new brands and flavors.
  5. Variety Bag: Fill a gift bag with travel size sunscreen, lip balm, body glide, Band-aids, body spray (we get pretty stinky) and wet wipes (individually wrapped wipes are handy on a long run).


5 Gifts over $20 (some, way over)

  1. GPS watch: These can run anywhere from $100 to $500. I have a Garmin Forerunner that works just fine for my needs. I think it was a little over $100 (I’ve had it a while. It’s my 3rd upgrade) Be sure to check product reviews to weed out the ones that have technical issues. forerunner-15-colors
  2. Fuel belt: Great for the long distance runner. I like ones with Velcro closures, they stay in place the best. Again, read reviews to find the best for what you’re looking for. fuel-belt
  3.  Race registration: Races can get pricey, especially if you are running more than a couple a year. If you know of a race that your runner wants to do, surprising them with a registration (or hotel stay ;-)) would be a great gift!
  4. Jaybirds: My favorite earbuds. They are wireless, Bluetooth earbuds that actually stay in place. It’s great not having to deal with a wire.
  5. Gift Card for a local running shop: May seem lazy but every runner wants one.


Hope these lists help make it easier to pick a  gift  for the runner in your life. Or maybe there is something on the list you want to treat yourself to. Happy Holidays!


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