Peters Canyon Hike

Peters Canyon is one of my favorite hikes. It’s not only close and convenient, it’s beautiful, with the green hills (soon to be brown, until winter) and flowering plants, including tons of cactus (cacti?) (that I never really noticed with flowers before), and sometimes we see wildlife too. We have seen coyote, rabbits, scorpions, rattle snakes an on this hike, road runners.

peters canyon

But it’s time to hike on!

I am looking forward to exploring the hikes featured in the article I shared recently titled “Go For A Hike”.

I will be sharing pictures and personal experience from the hikes. A review, if you will. Let’s see if they are as nice as they look.

Good-bye Peters for now.

peters canyon3

If there is a hike you love, please leave a comment below.

The pictures shown were taken by my friend Jeanine. Thanks Jeanine!


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