Hey, Soul Sister…Let’s Run!

I heard this song this weekend and remembered how much I love Train.

Some days music can make my runs go by so quick, while other days (like today) , my thoughts keep me going. I ran a short fast run today without music. It was a great way to clear my head. As much as I love music, running without it, on occasion, is something I totally recommend. As a matter of fact running completely unplugged is a good idea. That means no GPS watch, Fitbit or smart phone.

When I first started running I clocked a distance in my car, timed myself running it, then figured out my minutes per mile. Then over the years more and more gadgets became available and running became checking my GPS watch constantly, for pace, distance,  and time. Tracking steps, heart rate and calories burned. It became focusing on everything except the actual running.

I’m not saying to get rid of all your gadgets, (I haven’t lost my mind), I am just saying to try running unplugged, with just your thoughts, every once and a while. Running without distractions can help you focus on breathing, gait, posture, pace and how you feel in general. I have found that I run faster when I’m not sure what my pace is. I tend to think I must be running slow if I feel too comfortable, so I pick up the pace. After a few runs without my Garmin I’ve noticed that my “comfortable pace” is closer to my “fast pace”. I don’t know if this would work if I did it all the time. Just like setting my alarm clock ahead by 5 minutes doesn’t make me get up earlier, I just adjust the time in my head. Same concept. 🙂

Having said that, music will remain a motivating factor for me, so I will continue to share music on Music Mondays. If you have a favorite running song, please share in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy this weeks song and keep running my friends!


Hey, Soul Sister Train











***remember, I run for fun and fitness. I am not a coach, personal trainer or professional. Also, I am not a writer, so if you find typo’s or grammatical errors, I apologize. I try to proof-read everything but somethings slip by. I enjoy sharing the things I love about running and hope you enjoy reading it. ***

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