Half Marathon Training: Week 1 of 12

Happy New Year!

New goals start now. 

If running a half marathon is one of your goals this year, you’re in luck, this weeks post will get you started.

First click » here for a half marathon training plan.

This is the first step in training for a half marathon (or anything for that matter). Print the schedule and post it on the fridge. I will be rewriting my schedule into the new Commit30 Planner I purchased on Amazon. (my Bullet Journal was a wash, too much prep work) I got the stickers and colored pens too! 

commit30 planner

Next, check out the following tips to start you off on the right foot.

  • Join a local running group. Running groups challenge and support you.
  • Run for a cause. Join Team in Training (TNT) and raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. TNT will train, support and challenge you and the end result will be a totally rewarding experience.
  • Register for a race. Obviously if you are planning on training for a half marathon you need to register for a race, but do it early. Not only do some races fill up fast but then you are committed as well as financially invested. Find a race here.
  • Book a hotel/flight early. Assuming that your race is out of town. The best hotels for race weekends fill up fast, and once again if you book a flight then you’re committed. For more on early planning read this »post
  • Be flexible. Sticking to a schedule and being disciplined are essential to successful training but at the same time you need to be flexible. If you need to rework the schedule then rework it. A successful training schedule is one that will work with your life.

You don’t need to do all these things in the first week but keep them in mind early on.

Coming up next week…nutrition during training.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Keep running and Happy New Year!




  1. Liz | 5th Jan 18

    Nice tips! I’m training for my sixth half marathon (would be my seventh but I came down with the flu right before my target race in November, boo) and I mentor a local running group for half/full marathon training. Having a running group is really helpful to keep you accountable, support you, encourage you, and to just make the whole experience fun!

    • Denise | 5th Jan 18

      Half marathons seem to be the perfect distance…not too much but definitely a challenge. Hope you are well now.

  2. morganmabelle | 5th Jan 18

    I am not a runner & never wanted to be, but you make it sound so doable!

    • Denise | 5th Jan 18

      Not everyone is a runner, but it is doable. Even 2 or 3 miles have benefits. 🙂

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