Will running ever get easier??

Yes…and no 🙂

Do you feel like you have been running a while now and it’s still just as hard as when you started? Well it kind of is, except now you can go further.

Think back to that first mile you ran and thought you were going to die or your lungs were going to explode…that mile is easier now, right? But now you are running 3 or 4 miles and it’s hard again. Running will always be a little hard because you push yourself to go further, like when training for a 10k, half marathon or marathon, or faster, to PR (personal record) in a 5k.


So yes it does get easier, because you get faster and can go further, and no, because you go faster and further.  🙂 

If running was easy, everyone would do it. Don’t get me wrong, there are easy runs every now and then, but if it was always easy you wouldn’t feel a sense of accomplishment when finishing a race you trained 3 or 6 months for. If it was easy you wouldn’t feel strong.

Remember, every run is different. some are hard, some are harder and a few are easy. Those easy runs… when you feel like you’re in a zone… are the ones that keep you coming back for more. It’s like a drug addict looking for that elusive high, except you are running on the streets instead of living on them. (Was that cold? Remember I’m an ED nurse)

A few tips to help you stay motivated:

  • A bad run is better than no run.
  • You will never regret going for a run. You may regret not going for a run.
  • Get dressed to run even if you are talking yourself out of running…you will probably go if you are in your running clothes.
  • Upload a new song to your playlist. I have suggestions on RunHeartFits’ Runlist 2016 and 2017.
  • Tell yourself you’ll go for just 10 mins, chances are you’ll go longer.
  • Get something new. A new shirt, shorts, shoes, hat, even socks can inspire you to go for a run.
  • Sign up for a race. Any race. It doesn’t have to be a marathon. There are a lot of local 5k/10k to choose from. Find one that supports a charity, most of them do. Go to Active.com for races near you. Click here for info on some fun 5k’s.
  • Tell friends and co-workers about your training. Nothing holds you accountable like someone asking how your running is coming along.
  • Cross-train. Go cycling, hiking or take a yoga class. Doing other fun things will help prevent burn-out and keep you strong for running.


Thanks for reading!

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Have a beautiful day and keep running! 🙂


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