What do you do to keep your workout interesting?

How about some yoga?


Nothing benefits a runner more, than strength training and stretching. Yoga provides both these things.

Never tried yoga? Afraid to commit to a studio? It costs how much?! Will I even like yoga?

No worries. Go to Groupon to find a yoga studio near you. Groupons are a great way to try yoga for nearly half price. I usually get the package of 10 visits for a flat rate rather than 1 month unlimited use. I know I’m not going more than once a week.

Nervous or self conscious about going to a yoga studio for the first time alone?

Get a friend to go with you, that’s what I do. If they are truly your friend they will still like you after yoga πŸ™‚

And remember, most people are worried about themselves and how they look to even glance your way. And yogis are very “zen-like” and they want everyone to enjoy yoga.

Share your comments below and tell us how yoga has helped you.

But don’t forget…Keep running πŸ™‚

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