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I said I would check back weekly to give an update on my new 5k training plan. As it turns out it’s been about 3 weeks since I attempted to follow a strict training schedule.  In case you missed it I somehow got this crazy idea in my head that I need to change it up from running half marathons to running a fast 5k. My current pace has slowed to a 10 – 10.5 min/mile from a steady 9.5 min/mile. If I wanted to qualify for Boston I need to be a 9 min/mile. The chances of that happening are pretty slim so I figured I would start small and try to run some fast short runs and maybe work up to a fast long distance run.

Sooooo, I found a training plan to run a fast 5k in my latest Runner’s World. (pictured below)

5k training

I completed the first week minus the hill repeats (somehow I skipped that day, I’m not really sure why). I didn’t even come close to completing the second week due to my busy work schedule. I work 12 hour shifts starting at 0600, so running before work isn’t going to happen and the one time I ran after work my legs felt like lead and I was exhausted. Work doesn’t usually interfere with training because I adjust my days as needed but I was hoping to follow this plan without tweaking it too much since it is so different than what I am use to. Obviously I need to use this plan as a guideline and do my best with the available time that I have.

The small amount of running I did the first week had me thinking… maybe I am too old to do this kind of intense training…but then I figured that was a cop-out and I hardly gave it a chance…suck it up buttercup! So while this weekly (monthly) progress report doesn’t have much to report I will continue to do my speed training and keep posting my progress. I will remind myself that every run, every day and every week can be different, but I need to keep going. Running keeps me feeling young and I like that feeling. Let’s see what next week brings.

Do you follow a strict training plan or do you allow flexibility?


Since I started writing this post my husband ran his first 5k since high school. He ran cross country in high school usually placing in the top 3 in his competitions. So he has the background but that was a longgggg time ago. His plan was to walk the 5k but ended up running most of it and feeling pretty good at the finish. I wanted to run with him but had to work that day 🙁 , so I wasn’t there for support, but my daughters’ dance team volunteered to cheer the runners. She told me that it was exhausting cheering for 2 hours. Yes, yes it is. (That’s why I make a point to thank the volunteers.) Well now my husband wants to do another 5k (I think he caught the bug) and I am thrilled. (Quietly thrilled because I don’t want to scare him off) He went so far as suggesting that we run together before work…that would be 0400…ugh. Of course I want to encourage and support him in any way that I can, but 0400 is pretty darn early! On the up side, I do need to get in some fast runs and with my work schedule being so busy lately maybe a quick 2 mile run before work is doable. :-/

We shall see…so far there has not been any runs in the wee hours of the morning.

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Keep running!


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  1. Coco | 11th Jun 17

    Using this program as a guide sounds like a good way to make it work for you. I think you’ll be surprised at how much difference even a few speed workouts will make.

  2. Denise | 12th Jun 17

    Thanks for the encouragement! My work schedule has slowed down so now I can get back on track (pun intended, hehehe).

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