Refuel and Warm Up With This Hearty Soup

As winter approaches I start thinking of soups and stews. I love soup! And most soups are a perfect food to refuel after a long run. Soups can provide hydration, protein, carbs and vitamin rich vegetables. Avoid  cream based soups if you are trying to cut calories, but as always, moderation is the key. I for one, will not pass up a good New England clam chowder! I recently found a recipe on Runner’s World Facebook page, along with 5 other soup recipes. Go to their page to see all  5 recipes. You can also go to my Facebook page at to see different things I share that relate to running.

Okay, back to this yummy looking soup…

It is  Black and White Bean Sausage Soup and it looks delicious! I haven’t made it yet but I am sure I won’t be disappointed. Click on it to go directly to the recipe. It can also be found with other great (I assume) recipes to refuel in Runner’s World cookbook posted below.

For another great soup, go to an earlier post for Chicken and White Bean Soup with Spinach and Parmesan. chicken and white bean soup



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This picture does not represent my running conditions, but I would definitely love it! Occasionally. I mean, seriously, I live in Southern California for a reason. Although it does get pretty chilly here too, it doesn’t need to be 20 degrees outside to enjoy a tasty, hearty soup.

Soup is great to warm up and refuel post-run, but what about pre-run?

Most of us aren’t going to eat a bowl of soup before our morning run. Really we usually only need a hot cup of coffee and a banana. Right? But for those long runs you might need a little more. Oatmeal is a hearty yet easily digested pre-run food. Opt for less sugary varieties, such as steel-cut oats with brown sugar. Keeping it simple helps avoid stomach issues during your run.




I take recipes from Runner’s World magazine frequently so I imagine a cookbook of 150- 30 minute or less (YAY!) recipes, you are sure to find a bunch that you will love.

Runner’s World Meals on The Run

Remember, refueling post run is important for muscle recovery.

Eat within 30 – 45 minutes post run for optimum muscle recovery. (50% carbs, 25% protein and 25% healthy fats.) These soup  recipes aren’t necessarily meant for right after your morning run, that wouldn’t be practical, but muscles need fuel throughout the day. If you have been training, then you know, some days you are hungry all day. Make healthy choices throughout the day, then enjoy your soup with some warm bread for dinner. (Yes I said bread. I don’t run for nothing!)  Moderation my friends, moderation. 😉

I hope you found a recipe or two that you like. Check back next week for Healthy Snacks to Get You Through the Day!

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