Turkey Trots done. What’s up next?

Did you run in a Turkey Trot this year?

I did. And I’m glad I did. You might think it’s just about burning calories before the big feast, but it’s not. It’s about  getting out early in the morning with other runners to run for a charity. It feels great to be out running with a bunch of other people.  The run I did was put on by Causelife in Huntington Beach. The run helps bring fresh water to countries in need. This years proceeds is going to drilling 4 wells around the world. Go to Causelife Facebook page to get updates about next years Turkey Wobble.


The scenery wasn’t bad either.


Next up is  Elves On Trails  on Sunday December 4, 2016. Use code HOLIDAY15 to save 15%  through 11/30/16.


Go to Rock It Racing for trail runs coming up in 2017.

Keep running my friends!





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