Top 4 Ways To Stay Motivated When Training For a Marathon

Hello everyone, welcome to week 7 of half marathon training. Last week’s topic was about getting enough rest. I thought that was a good topic for the halfway mark. I figured everyone would be pretty tired by now and maybe trying to do too much. Also, with that fatigue you may be losing some motivation, so this week is all about how to stay motivated.

Top 4 Ways To Stay Motivated:

1. Remember Why:

Why did you decide to run a half marathon (or any distance for that matter)? Was it because you want to be strong? Needed a goal? Weight loss?  Well all those things are valid reasons and still hold true, so keep going!! if running were easy

2. New Music:

Upload new music or a podcast to help distract you from the long miles. I have yet to try a podcast but I try to add new music all the time. For my list of music go to Runlist 2016 or Runheartfit Runlist 2017.

Or go to my home page to find my playlist on Spotify.

3. New Outfit/Shoes:

Nothing motivates me like new running clothes. Now is the time to find the most comfortable outfit for your race. Wear it on your long training run to make sure nothing rubs or fits wrong. Nothing worse than spending your whole race pulling shorts out of your butt. If you think you’ll need new shoes before race day, get them now. Remember, no new things (fuel, clothes, shoes) on race day.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has Nike Dry Tempo Core Running shorts on sale for $22.50 (that’s 25% off regular price!). Click here to shop. 

nike shorts
My favorite shorts.


4. Change in scenery:

Are you getting bored with the same old routes? Then change it up. Find a new scenic route for your long run.

bolsa chica beach, beach runs, beach
My favorite scenery for my long runs.

These are 4 of the top things that motivate me to keep running. I hope they help you to keep going! Stay strong!

What motivates you to run?

Thanks for reading! If you have comments or questions please leave it in the comment section below. I would love to hear what you have to say!

Keep Running my friends!


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