Too hot to run? Try these alternatives…

Pool Workout



If you have a pool or have access to a pool then there is a workout by Fitness magazine Slim Down in a Splash.

Pool workouts are a great low impact workout for when you are recovering from an injury or if you just want to give your joints a rest.



Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility (most runners don’t stretch enough) as well as strengthen.

Find a yoga studio near you and take a class. Most studios have new member discounts and you can buy one class to see if you like it. I usually find classes on Groupon, it’s so much cheaper.



Time to dust off your beach cruiser and take it for a ride along the beach or just around your neighborhood. Taking your bike for a spin is a great after dinner activity for the whole family 🙂

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

paddle board

What a great activity to enjoy the warm summer weather. You don’t need to own a paddle board to try it out. Most lakes and harbors rent them by the hour, and they will make sure you know what you are doing before you head out.


Whatever you choose to do have fun doing it!

While all these activities are fun, if your goal is to improve your running, then running is the best way to do it. Get out early, before the heat and feel good for the rest of the day!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Keep running!


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