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So the first tip was about getting started and running your first mile or 2, and it was hard. Running is hard! But it gets easier…and then it is hard again.

To help it get easier you need to relax.

  • Relax your face (because I know you are grimacing &/or cussing to yourself) and stand tall looking forward not down at the ground. (but be aware of the terrain)
  •  Think positive thoughts “I can do this“, because YOU CAN!
  • Relax your neck and shoulders. Your arms should be bent at a 45 degree angle with elbows in close to your sides.
  • Relax your wrists and hands. They don’t have to flop around, more like you are holding a cotton ball with your fingers.
  • Run light with feet close to the ground but not shuffling. Uses less energy and keeps you relaxed. Pretend you are running on egg shells.

You will need to remind yourself throughout your run to relax. Go through the list in your head from top to bottom.

Stay positive!

Running is about relieving stress and getting strong. There is no room for negative thoughts. I have a friend that told his wife she needed to say YAY! when she reached the top of every hill. Her “YAYs” became very small “yays” but they were “yays” none the less.

Remember…every run is different. There will be good runs and there will be crappy runs, but you will always be glad you ran when you get home. You rock!

Be strong and keep running!


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