Step Tracker to get Your Kids Moving


Fitbits are all the craze. Everyone is trying to out-do someone else in steps. It’s amazing how wearing a tracker on your wrist makes you want to walk more to reach a step goal (or beat someone else’s step goal)

Kids want to get in on the action too but most trackers are a little pricey. So you ask yourself: Do they really need one? At least with my Fitbit I earn points to reach levels that earns me money.

Well Unicef has put out a tracker for kids that allows them to reach levels to earn points that unlocks food packets for malnourished children around the world. What a great idea! And kids love to help other kids.

I saw this on the Ellen Show being promoted by Pink. You can purchase a Unicef Kid Power Band at It is only sold online for $39 of which Target donates $10 to Unicef.

I haven’t purchased one yet so I can’t give you firsthand knowledge of how it works but a friend has, so I will be checking in with her and post a follow up.

If you have one of these already, let me know how it works for you or your kids.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Keep running!

Update: If you use you Target Redcard you will save 5% on the purchase of a Unicef Kid Power Band. The goal of Unicef is to fight childhood obesity while concurrently fighting child hunger.

My friend says her daughters tracker works great!

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