Smoothie Tuesday Trail Run #2

My 2nd Smoothie Tuesday Trail run is done! It was brutal! It was a scorching 91 degrees, but we survived. Ironically, I had just posted a blog about running in the heat. I tried to follow my own advice and drink plenty of water, stay positive (which is very hard to do when you’re running hills in the heat), I wore my hat and sunglasses (big deal) and my neck gator. I am not sure how much the neck gator helped because hot is hot, but I think it helped a little and I will use it for the 3rd and final (YAY!) Smoothie Tuesday race.

The picture above is from the first race, but the same killer hill (I didn’t want to stop to take a picture, or maybe I couldn’t focus enough to, I don’t remember. I think I was delirious 🙂 ). Those little dots on the top are runners, in case you can’t tell.

I don’t recommend wearing compression socks in the heat. I thought they would help on the hills and for recovery, but they just made my legs hot. I will not wear them next time. support group                                                       This is my support group. My daughter Emma and her friend Travis, who will be joining us on our next race. For some reason he thought it looked like fun :-/ .

And my friend Mario, who had the brilliant idea to run trails in the summer (at least I think it was his idea 😉 ).


His girlfriend was smart and went out for dinner and drinks with friends.(smart lady!)

My husband says, “what doesn’t kill you , makes you stronger”. I hope it makes me stronger, otherwise, what’s the point? I wasn’t feeling strong as a 64 year old man passed me at mile 3, and finished several minutes ahead of me, winning in his age group. (Heck, he won in my age group!)

I’m hoping to keep my standing of 2nd place in my division, or better yet, move up to 1st place!

Looks like I need to step up my hill repeats.


I’m dying…


Looking strong! Placed 4th in his division. He has a couple real fast guys to beat next time 🙂 !

Stay tuned for our 3rd and final race which will take place on Aug. 16th. (if you don’t see any posts after that day, you’ll know why 😉 ).

Thanks for reading.

Keep running my friends!


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