Smoothie Tuesday Trail Run #1

We ran our first of 3 summer trail runs at Riley Wilderness Park. Woohoo!


It was tough, but we did it! It was 90 degrees at the start, we ran approximately 1/2 mile further than we were suppose to, due to taking a wrong turn…ugh. There were killer hills and narrow, treacherous (okay, maybe not treacherous) terrain and steep down hills. If you look closely in the top picture you can see little dots (or maybe they are dots to my old eyes), those are runners. That is one of the crazy hills we ran up.

My legs were still a little tired, 3 days later. Definitely will train harder for the next one. I already started with hill repeats this morning. The good thing about hill repeats, is when you run a regular flat course it’s feels so much easier. Hill training makes you stronger and faster, and we all want that, right?!

Our next Smoothie Tuesday trail run at Riley Wilderness Park is July 26th if you choose to take on the challenge. Click here for more information.

And coming this fall is a Holiday Trail Series. Click here for info. Looks like there is a distance for everyone! A great goal to get a jump on holiday treats!

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