Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon


I wanted to share my latest race (and I use the term race very loosely) with you.

SB Wine Country Half Marathon is one of the events from Destination Races. Destination Races has some great scenic runs. I would love to do all of them. Click on the bold print to check them out and find your favorite race.

The run starts in Santa Inez Valley and ends in the quaint town of Solvang. I absolutely love this race and this was my 3rd time running it. What a great weekend event!

The best way to do it is to stay in Solvang and take the free shuttle bus to the start in Santa Inez Valley. The run (I prefer run, I am not racing anywhere :-)) takes you through the town of Santa Inez, passing by horse pastures and wineries. Be prepared for the many rolling hills…ugh. I wasn’t. You’d think I would be, considering it was my 3rd time, but somehow the mind forgets.

There’s a killer hill at mile 7, but it is so worth it. Don’t forget to look around and enjoy the scenery, that’s why we are out there after all isn’t it? When you reach the top of the hill it’s water and photo op time. If you haven’t taken a GU of some sort before this point then now is a good time. (I’ll post how and when to fuel during a race soon)

There’s a long downhill now but pace yourself, running too fast on the downhill can tire you out faster than you think. And your quads will thank you later. Trust me they will be sore enough, my still hurt 3 days later 🙁


The finish is as spectacular as you want it to be. You can sip wine in your race wine glass (for a $30 fee) and/or browse the venders. I usually stretch a little, grab my water and snacks and head for the hotel to shower (nothing like a shower after a long run, it’s kind of like your bed feels after working night shift).

After finishing a long run it’s best to rest for a short while and then move on. The body tends to stiffen if you sit still…”a body in motion stays in motion”. Some recommend ice baths…brrrr. I did that once and only once. Hydrate and eat something healthy. I had Pho for the first time. It was delicious. That was lunch. Chicken pot pie for dinner because you can’t be good all the time!

What’s your favorite race? Share below.

Keep running!

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