Running when it’s cold outside…brrrr. Helpful Tips To Get You Out The Door

Am I the only one having trouble getting out to run in the morning? Days are getting shorter and mornings are getting colder. I live in Southern California where most of the year it is pretty mild, but winter does come around and mornings get chilly. It may not be 10 below but temperature is relative to what you are use to.

Some runners love running in the cold. I don’t mind running when it’s cold outside, it’s getting started that’s the difficult part. I have compiled a short list of what helps keep me running through the winter months.

It’s cold outside, so…

  • Start warm. By this I mean make sure the house is warm. I find that if I’m cold, then I am way more hesitate to change out of my warm jammies to put on running clothes.


  • Drink Hot Coffee. Warms you from the inside and gives you a boost of energy. If you are not a coffee drinker(whaatt?) have a cup of tea.

    coffee to warm you
    Oh happy day!


  • Dress in layers. I have a light jacket that I can wrap around my waist if I get too warm. I prefer my vest that I can just unzip. Gloves can be removed and put in pockets or stuffed in your waistband.  Find moisture-wicking microfleece running gloves on Amazon. Beanie or headband that covers your ears can make all the difference in the world (very important if you live in a real cold state). Make sure clothes are made with breathable, quick-drying fabrics. Never wear cotton as a base layer, it gets wet from sweat and then you are cold and wet. Not a good combination.
inappropriate clothing
Dress in layers. Don’t be this guy!
  • Make a run date. If someone is depending on you, there’s a better chance you’ll get up and go. And…misery loves company. 😉


  • Think positive. You know you’re going to be glad you went. Before you know it you will be warm and shedding some layers. And don’t forget, you’re strong!

bed171682074759b9ad854c38bca6e40These pictures may not represent my running conditions, but I do run in the mountains when there is snow, and I would run in these conditions if I had to. Fortunately I moved away from harsh winters a long time ago. 😉

Thanks for reading and stay warm!

Keep running!



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