Running Gear Can Get Pricey: How much do you really need to spend?

Walking into a running shop can be intimidating and a little overwhelming, especially as a newbie. Are you not sure what you really need or how much you should dish out for it? Let me help. I listed a few things to get you started…there’s so much more later…


Spend your money here:

  1. Shoes–Most important investment if you are going to be a runner. Go to your local running store to be fitted. They will be able to analyze your gait and tell you which shoes will work. I have found that the shoes at my local running store A Snail’s Pace, are the same price as any sporting good store. I have been running a long time, so I know what works for me so buy my shoes online at which tends to be less expensive. You don’t need to buy the most expensive pair but don’t buy the cheapest either, comfort, fit and durability comes with a price. I usually spend $75 (on sale) to $120. Find a pair that are comfortable as soon as you put them on, you shouldn’t have to “wear them in”. Your feet are important, and literally the foundation for running…treat them well!
  2. Earphones/buds— I have experimented with multiple brands and styles of ear buds over the years. Let me save you the aggravation of buying some that promise you to stay in place and tell you which ones actually do. Yurbuds work great and have multiple sizes and styles. Find them on Amazon for a great price ($10 – $20). I currently have Jaybird ($149) wireless Bluetooth earphones and absolutely love them. They never have to be adjusted and the sound quality is pretty good too. Of course if your iPhone earbuds work for you, then lucky you!
  3. Bra— For those of you who are well endowed then you definitely need to invest in a good bra to hold those puppies in. For others (like me) Target has Champion ($16 -$24) sports bras that work great and have good reviews in Runner’s World Magazine attesting to their quality/value. Champion bra
  4. Shorts–I like comfy shorts and am willing to spend a little extra not to have seams rubbing me in my private areas 🙂 . I usually buy shorts when they go on sale. Dick’s Sporting Goods has great sales on running clothes. I also like Athleta, but they can be pricey. I never buy my shorts at Target, Champion shorts tend to bunch up in all the wrong places on me.

Save your money here:

  1.  Shirts and tank tops–I get most of my shirts at Target or I wear shirts from the past races. Fabrics have come a long way and the free shirt you get from your race should be worn with pride. You earned it! Remember to always wear technical shirts that breathe. Never wear cotton! Cotton does not breathe and it stays damp which can cause chaffing.
  2. Socks–You could spend a small fortune on socks but why? Target has a great selection of athletic socks. You can buy socks anywhere. I stock up when I see a sale. (I’m pretty sure I have way too many socks) Look for key words like seamless, and breathable.


Its own category: Underwear–If you’re wearing “running shorts” most have built-in underwear. You don’t need to wear extra underwear. Really! If you wear the compression style shorts, tights or shorts without a liner then I recommend UnderArmour. They are pricey ($12 a pair) but they stay in place and don’t rub anywhere. Love them!

What I have posted is my opinion and what I have found to work for me over the years. Of course everyone has their own likes and dislikes, and what works for one person may not work for another. I hope my suggestions are helpful and if you have suggestions to add please feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!

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