Running Clothes: Time to Take Inventory: Do I really need 30 running shirts?


It’s a new year and time to start off fresh.

A time to take inventory on my running clothes and see what needs tossing and what needs to be replaced. I don’t really consider myself a hoarder, I’m actually quite the opposite…I like to throw stuff away…sometimes things I shouldn’t, sorry about the absentee ballot Todd (my husband) oops. :-/  Having said that, I have noticed that my drawer with my running clothes is getting harder and harder to close.

running clothes
stuffed full


And that’s not all of it, I have a similar drawer at our cabin in the mountains. It’s not quite as full but contains all the rejects that I don’t wear at home. Why is it I have trouble getting rid of free and sometimes ugly running shirts? See below…

ugly shirt
Great run…ugly shirt!

I have a few in the “get rid of” pile. But as it turns out, I have so many that I still want. I mean, they were free!

shirt pile



Here’s one of my favorites from Surf City’s Perfect 10.

Love this shirt!

Okay, so on to the shorts…I’m keeping them. Three pairs of black shorts isn’t too many. (And those weren’t free) Four pairs of various colored shorts…keeping. I just won’t buy any more…for a while ;-). Those darn sales get me every time!

Sales, Yay!

Speaking of sales, now is the time to hit the sales if you need anything fitness related. All the stores know that people are making New Years resolutions, so all equipment, clothing and gear is on sale. Dick’s Sporting Goods is having a sale and it is usually a good one! Another good reason to do inventory. Maybe it is time to trash those faded shorts and get new ones. (I’m keeping mine)

Clothing isn’t the only thing that may need to be replaced. Fuelbelts wear-out, earbuds stop working, Garmins die. Now is the time to replace them. Click on the pictures below to go to Amazon and seen what is on sale.

Not only is now a good time to replace running gear but it is a great time to try out some new things. If you don’t already have one, I recommend a Muscle Roller  or The Stick, to roll out tired, sore muscles. I have a friend who swears by it. I have the one pictured below. I use it mostly after long runs. I probably don’t use it enough.

The stick

I also recommend a foam roller. It’s another great way to massage tired muscles. Click here to see the best way to use a foam roller.

I took a break from writing this blog to run to Target and spent 15 minutes looking through running clothes! What is wrong with me? Why do I feel the need to have so much fitness apparel? I sure I rationalize it because the clothes help me stay healthy and fit.  Anyway, Target is currently running a sale: buy 0ne get one 50% off on all Champion clothing. I got a sweater to wear to yoga. (don’t judge me) 🙂

Bottom line: I got rid of 5 shirts and gained 1 sweater. And I never made it to the sock drawer! I’ll save that for another day. 🙂 I’m calling it a success!

I hope in some way I have inspired you to inventory your running clothes/gear to get rid of what you don’t need and replace what you do.

Thanks for reading!

Keep running my friends!


  1. Coco | 7th Jan 17

    I am saving up race shirts to make a quilt, but have two drawers of running shirts that need to be sorted through. It’s just so hard to part with old favorites.

    • Denise | 7th Jan 17

      Right?! I have all my race bibs too. 🙂

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