Olympic inspiration for Music Monday

This weeks song was obviously inspired by events at the Olympics. It may not be a high energy song that will keep your feet moving but it does inspire you to get out and move in the first place (at least it does me). I love the Olympics! I love watching the best athletes come together from around the world and compete for the same goal…to win. Even the Olympian who comes in last is still an Olympian. These are the most amazing people. They have sacrificed so much to be the best they can be. Of course I was not able to watch every event because there are so many, but I did see some favorites, Michael Phelps, Simone Biles , Katie Ledecky, Simone Manuel and the runners mentioned below.

Track and field is a favorite to watch and it didn’t disappoint. Here’s a quick recap…

Almaz Ayana from Ethiopia won the gold and broke the world record in the 10,000 meter race.


Then there was Elaine Thompson of Jamaica who is the fastest woman in the world, winning the gold for the 100m.


Tori Bowie of the US got the silver in the 100m. These women are fast!




Then we have the men. Usain Bolt, who was born to be the fastest man in the world (with a name like Bolt). He has lived up to his name, winning the gold in the 100m for Jamaica.


With his friend and rival Justin Gatlin from the US right on his heels winning the silver.


And I have to mention Wayde Van Niekerk who broke the world record in the 400m and won the gold for South Africa.


Here he is with his 74 year old coach Anna Botha.


Amazing people, doing amazing things!

Be amazing! Be the best that you can be. The song below is to motivate and inspire. It’s a great song to warm up to. As you listen to it, picture all the athletes and their awesomeness!


Rise Katy Perry the official theme song for the 2016 Olympics.

Click here to watch the video and get inspired.

Click here to purchase song.

***Of course I couldn’t mention all the great athletes, so if I didn’t mention your favorite Olympian, it by no means meant that I don’t admire them. There are simply too many :-). ***


  1. Todd | 15th Aug 16

    Great story! I’m inspired.

    • Denise | 15th Aug 16

      Thanks! You’re my biggest supporter!

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