Music With a Steady Beat To Keep You Focused and Moving Forward

This weeks song was actually last weeks song that never got posted. I was considering discontinuing Music Monday due to lack of reader response, but then realized I started this blog because I like running. I like talking about running. I like sharing what I know about running with others that want to listen.

The reason I started Music Monday was because music makes running better. I love music and I love all things running. So it made sense to combine the two. I only post songs that I love, in hopes that someone out there will love it too. So like it or not I will continue to post my songs every Monday in hopes of enriching someone’s life. 🙂

Music Monday continued…

Some runners may not think of this song when looking for one to add to their run playlist, but I love the steady beat. I run to it in double time. Not all running music needs to be super fast. Sometimes slower songs remind me to relax and maybe take a walk break.

Mary’s beautiful voice is smooth and strong, and it makes me feel strong. Enjoy!

Family Affair Mary J. Blige

steady beat

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What’s your favorite running or work-out song? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

Keep running my friends!


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