RunHeartFits’ Running Playlist Begins: See What the First Song on the List is for 2017

Running Playlist 2017

I am excited to see what the music industry brings in 2017. I love to explore new music and revisit the oldies. Music has always been an important part of my life. As a kid the stereo in our house was on 24/7 . My mom listened to Top 40 and country music. My dad… country music and oldies. I have fond memories of family gatherings where we  ended up dancing in the living room.

It’s no wonder I love music and feel the need to put together running playlists. There was a time when (way back when…) I spent hours recording albums on to cassette tapes. (I know this ages me, but you young people don’t know how easy you have it ;-)). Now you click on an app or website and put songs on your phone or iPod.  Simple.


A friend said today that she recently read somewhere… listening to music makes people happy. I know it makes me happy. It also makes running better.  So what better way to ring in the new year, than starting a new playlist for 2017 with the talented, beautiful, Bruno Mars!


bruno mars

24K Magic Bruno Mars

Click on the song title to go to Amazon Music and add this fun song to your playlist. Go to RunHeartFit Runlist 2016 to see all of last years songs. Check back weekly to see the featured song of the week. Leave a comment below if you have a favorite song that you think would be fun to run to. I am always looking for new songs.

Thanks for reading!

Keep running!

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