Music Monday on Thursday

In an effort to be current I picked a song from Elle King. This is a great upbeat song, sure to help you pick up your pace.

Ex’s & Oh’s Elle King


Some runners set up their playlist with slower music in the beginning  as a warm up, faster music in the middle then ending again with slower music. I have never been able to plan out my playlist that specific. Besides that, I like to shuffle my playlist. Running is so repetitive as it is, I don’t need my music in the same order every time too.

I have toyed with the idea of having a separate playlist for warm-ups and cool downs, but I don’t spend much time doing either. If anyone has an interest in a warm-up/cool down playlist, leave me a comment and I will work on one.

***There is now a quick link to RunHeartFits’  complete playlist at the top of the home page***

Click on any song title to go to Amazon music and listen to or purchase a song.

Thanks for reading!

Keep running!


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