Music Monday! No theme, just a fun song…

Here’s a favorite song I thought you would enjoy. I watched the video for the first time today too. Adam Levine seems like such a nice guy! Great video for a great song!

Sugar Maroon 5


I hope these Music Monday songs have inspired some of you to run or get active. Music makes everything better 🙂

Running has been a part of my life for over half my life. I have never been injured, aside from an occasional sore knee (while training for marathons) or stiff hip. I found it’s best to listen to your body. Rest, ice and elevate when something hurts. Ibuprofen is your friend :-).

Rest days are great days for yoga. You don’t even need to take a full class, just do a few poses to stretch sore muscles and limber up. Sometimes I think yoga was developed just for runners. So many of the poses, stretch out the tight joints and muscles runners have. Go to Yoga for Runners to learn more.

Whatever you do, get outside and enjoy the summer!

If you have a favorite song please share it below  in the comment section. Remember to scroll over bold print and click to go to a link.

Thanks for reading!

Keep running my friends 🙂

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