Music Monday is Honoring Another Rock Star: R.I.P. Chris Cornell



It seems I have dedicated quite a few Music Mondays to dead musicians. Deaths from various causes…accidental drug overdose, suicide, cancer, heart failure…and what does this say to me? Life is short! Enjoy everyday. I could continue with the clichés but you get my drift.

I strive to be my healthiest everyday…some days more than others 😉 …and I hope all my efforts aren’t in vain, but tomorrow is not promised (sorry, another cliché). Not only do we hope to be physically healthy but we need to be mentally healthy. I worry that someone close to me may be fighting an inner battle with depression that I am not aware of. How did Chris Cornells’ wife not know he felt that hopeless, or how did she not stop him? It saddens me to think he felt so hopeless. Of course I am not blaming his wife, but if she couldn’t stop his suicide how do I stop a friend or family member when the signs are apparently hidden under the surface.

The lyrics of this song are dark and depressing,  it appears many of his songs are. Was that a sign in itself? So many artists battle some sort of demon and use their music as an outlet. Unfortunately sometimes they lose the battle. I added this song to my playlist because I like the song and I hope it will always be a reminder to be grateful for what I have and not take anything (health, family, days on this earth) for granted.

                                                      Fell On Black Days Soundgarden

Chris Cornell


Having said all that, I don’t dwell on what I cannot change and you shouldn’t either. If you are ever when you are worried, stressed or sad, go for a run and you are sure to feel better! If you are not a runner, (what??) then just go outside, take a walk or go for a hike, and I guarantee your mood will lift!

Music for your running playlist…

Music in itself is uplifting and choosing the right song can help motivate you on a long run (or whatever your workout of choice is). Go to Runlist 2016 and/or Runlist 2017 to find songs that inspire and motivate.

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Thanks for reading! 🙂

Keep running my friends!

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