Music Monday is a Good Time to Add a New Song to Your Playlist

Due to internet issues yesterday, this post is a day late. We just switched to Time Warner (which is now Spectrum) with their “high speed” internet. Yeah right! Everything slowed way down. Then I couldn’t even get on the internet. Turns out we think it was a bad router or modem or whatever it’s called. When I brought in the modem to exchange it I was met with a computer screen to sign in for service. Ironically it wouldn’t work. HA. When I talked to the lady she attempted to sell me a bundle, yeah I think I’ll pass until I see how my internet works out. Bottom line, yesterday was a frustrating day but ended with internet working…yay!

After getting up and fiddling with the computer for way too long I gave up and started to get ready to go for a run. I spent about 10 minutes trying to put 2 new songs on my runlist but every time I checked the list they weren’t there…ugh. I finally gave up and left for the beach to run. It was long run day. I needed to get in 8 miles because I signed up last week for the Tustin Hanger Half for next Sunday.

When I got to the beach my earphones wouldn’t turn on. The battery was dead! I know I just charged them after my last run (I’m hoping they aren’t dying on me. Note to self…put a spare set of earbuds in car in case of “emergency”). So ironically enough, I ran my 8 miles, on Music Monday no less, without music. It wasn’t so bad. The weather was perfect and I felt good. All’s well that ends well. 🙂

This isn’t m typical Music Monday post but I needed to share. Thanks for listening. 🙂 

I chose this song after seeing it on a “Best songs to run to” list. Usually when I look at those lists I find maybe 1 (or 2 if I’m lucky), song(s) that I like. Most of those lists have techno music and almost always have “Eye of The Tiger”. I don’t need to channel Rocky to run. I guess that’s why I make my own list. And I’m sure not everyone likes every song I post but I hope you find at least a few to add to your own runlist.


Good Time Alan Jackson

alan jackson

Enjoy your week and…

Keep Running!

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