Music Monday…because Mondays are hard enough…

I actually ran without my music today, just to unplug for a bit (and I was only doing a quick 2.5 miles :-), and no Todd, it wasn’t because I forgot to charge my Jaybirds!). Sometimes it’s good to unplug and simply run with your thoughts and focus on your breathing, pace and running form.

I know that some people prefer to run without music. Running for them is their quiet time. My quiet time has music playing in the background ;-).

So for those of you who need music to keep from being bored to death while running, here’s a song for your play list.


Just Like Fire Pink (click here for the song)


I love Pink. She has fun music and seems like such a down to earth nice person. I haven’t seen the movie (not even sure if it is out yet), but I do like the song. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

Keep running my friends! 🙂

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