Inspiration is everywhere!

ernestine1I have been seeing more and more inspirational stories on the internet about amazingly fit elderly (for lack of a better word) people. You may have seen the story about Ernestine Shepherd, an 80 year old bodybuilder. She started body building in her fifties and now is world renowned. She is an amazing woman and a true inspiration. (Click on her name to watch a YouTube video featuring Ernestine.)

It was difficult to choose just one YouTube video to post because they are all incredible. Watching her do push-ups makes me feel weak, but at the same time makes me feel determined to do more than the 3 that I do now. I know, I am pathetically weak, I was at 5 push-ups but strained my back due to poor form by the 5th one…Ugh!

Ernestine is proof that you can be strong and active way into your senior years. As we age, strength training and flexibility training is increasingly important. We may not all be “Ernestines”,  but we should strive to be the best that we can be, physically and mentally.

Thanks for reading! Get out there and move!

Keep running my friends!





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