Healthy Recipes That Provide Energy for The Whole Day

  [The pizza in the featured image is not featured in this blog (sorry) but it looks good and easy enough to copy.] 🙂


Life gets busy, making it sometimes difficult to eat right. It is especially challenging to find new recipes that are healthy, easy and tasty.  However, it is so easy to skip meals, then grab the first thing available (usually not the healthiest). I try to keep healthy snacks available just for that reason. My husband calls me the Snack Queen. (For healthy snack ideas, see my recent post (Healthy Snacks to Get You Through The Day“)

The optimal goal would be to organize your day so meals don’t get skipped and you can make easy healthy meals. I have picked a new healthy (have I said healthy enough?)recipe for breakfast and dinner that I have tried and reviewed for you. I couldn’t very well recommend a recipe without trying it myself.



I found this recipe on a blog “A Nutritionist Eats”. Check out her blog and this recipe by clicking below.


                                                                      Baked French Toast With Sprouted Bread



I made the Baked French Toast today and it didn’t look anything like the picture above.   See below.

baked french toast

Mine was eggier (??) and wetter than the one pictured. Possibly because I didn’t mix it very much before putting it in the oven. The recipe says to put it in greased pan for 3 hours, or overnight (I did overnight), then  mix lightly and bake.  I’m thinking next time I will put it in a bowl overnight, then mix well before putting in pan and baking. My husband and daughter both liked it though. I thought it needed more cinnamon. Easy fix. I always follow recipes exactly, the first time, then tweak to taste the next time.         

I also tried a breakfast burrito recipe that I took from “Run Fast, Eat Slow” cookbook, written by Shalane Flanagan @ Elyse Kopecky. It’s a pretty basic breakfast burrito. Scrambled eggs, spinach, beans and cheese on a (this where it goes wrong) whole wheat tortilla. I just can’t get used to whole wheat tortillas. And I LOVE tortillas. But whole wheat tortillas just change the whole taste. Guacamole and hot salsa helped a lot.

Click the title above or the book below to go to Amazon to purchase the book. It’s a little over $11 used or $16 new. There’s lots of information about healthy eating.            [By purchasing through this link I get a (very) small compensation with no added cost to you.]

run fast eat slow
Notice the pages tabbed for future meals.




                                  Southwestern Three Bean And Barley Soup


southwestern bean soup

I made this soup for dinner last night and the family loved it. I used canned beans instead of dried and added them after I cooked the  barley and vegetables (about 1 hr). I also added spicy kielbasa (because my husband had to have meat). Even though the soup had great flavor, I felt it was missing something. I’m thinking maybe it could have had more barley. I had forgotten that someone said they added ground turkey, that would have been good. And a little cheese. Cheese makes everything better. Next time.  

This soup is full of fiber, iron and protein, which means…guilt free warm bread with dinner. At least for me it did. 🙂




                                                                                                Chamomile Hot Toddy

Hot Honey Toddy
Perfect at the end of a (long run) day!

I technically didn’t make this yet, but I have had hot toddy’s in the past. I plan on this tonight (after the gloomy, stressful day I have had). It is chamomile tea with honey and whiskey. Can’t go wrong with that!

I hope you found something useful in this post. Please share your comments below. Thanks!

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Keep running!

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