Go for a Hike!

I wanted to share a face book post that I was tagged in (thanks Lori) of OC Hikes and brunch spots!

What’s better than enjoying the outdoors with friends and finishing it off with brunch?! So Cal has some of the best hiking trails that most of us didn’t even know about.

Trailing running (or walking) gives you a change of scenery, strengthens your ankles and sharpens your mind. It’s always best to wear some kind of trail shoe for better traction, like trail running shoes or hiking shoes if you are walking.  Falling hurts! Take it from me, I know. Grace is not my middle name!

Because of the uneven terrain your ankles have more work to do to keep you upright and your mind needs to be alert to avoid sprawling out in the dirt (don’t ask). Keep your eyes on the ground, focused a few feet ahead and watch out for rocks, sticks and mud. All can be slippery.

Remember to always wear sunscreen (yes even if it’s overcast, and no I’m not your mother ;-)), bring water and stay on the trail. Veering off trail can get you lost and/or bring you in contact with creatures that you would rather not meet, like rattle snakes–YIKES! Besides, most hiking trails post signs telling you the area is being protected and they don’t want hikers trampling the plants. And I’m sure it goes without saying but never leave any trash behind :-/

Keep our trails beautiful!

Click on OC hikes above to learn about a few trails to get you started

If you want to share other beautiful hikes please leave a comment below. I love to try new hikes.

Be safe people and don’t forget to keep running!

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