You need fuel to run strong. Make it good!

It’s so important for runners to refuel with a healthy meals, especially when training. I love pizza and French fries as much as the next guy, but for optimum performance, nutrient rich foods are the way to go.

I don’t have time to spend all day cooking (or the desire), so when I find a quick, easy and healthy dinner, I’m all over it!


Sheet pan salmon, green beans and red potatoes


sheet pan salmon

I love recipes that require just one pan. So easy to make and clean up.

Salmon is one of the healthiest fish you can eat. High in Omega-3’s and protein. There is quite a debate on whether to eat farmed or wild caught salmon. After all the articles I have read, I have decided wild caught is a little better than farmed but not enough to make a huge difference. Both are very good for you. Farmed has a little more Omega-3’s per ounce but also has more contaminates. Studies show that the amount of contaminates is minute and not worth the concern people have. Also, the cost of wild caught is much higher than farmed and might not be worth it for some people.

What I do check when buying salmon, is where it came from. I NEVER buy salmon, or any food from China (for me or my pets). Be sure to check labels carefully, they can be tricky. Sometimes the label says distributed from Alaska, but it was manufactured  or packaged in China. I don’t want to see the word China anywhere on the package. China is known for cutting corners. They do not have the same FDA standards as the USA.  Make sure you read all labels when is comes to buying food.

If you have a favorite healthy recipe please share the link in the comment section below. I am always looking for new recipes. Thanks!

Remember, food is fuel, and runners need to fuel before a run and refuel after a run.

Eat healthy to run strong!

Keep running!



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