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Hi my friends! You asked for info regarding training for a triathlon and I listened, (don’t tell my kids, they say I don’t listen. But frankly, they talk way too much 😉 ).

What I hear from most people wanting to do a triathlon is that they are worried about the swim. The running may not be their favorite leg of the race but you can’t drown doing it.

My neighbor is an experienced rough water swimmer and has been trying to get me to do a triathlon for a while now. Maybe someday. Until then I will help research it for you. He gave me this link below to put on my blog. It looks like there are other links within the page that could be helpful.

Marathon Swimmers Federation

Here are a couple other websites to check out:

  • Active.comlot’s of info
  • Team in Training: if you are looking for help with training and want to help fight cancer, this is a great organization. I trained for my first marathon (and 2nd, and 3rd) with them. Most rewarding experience ever!

If you have something helpful for the triathlete, please post it in the comments.

Thank you! Have a great day!

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