Do you run with or without music?

For those of you that can’t run without your music here’s a song for your run list.

In preparation for the Awesome 80’s Run I thought this was a good pick (and it was hard to choose just one).

P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) by  Michael Jackson pyt michaeljackson






I rarely run without music. Usually the only time I don’t run with my music is when I forget my earbuds, or forget to charge my earbuds. If I need to get in an early run before the sun is up, then I run without music. I feel safer in the dark when I am fully aware of my surroundings. There have been times when my phone has died during a run and had to finish without music. Not the worse thing in the world but still a bummer. On a rare occasion I run without earbuds or my Garmin (it feels good to be unplugged once in a while).

For the most part, I run with music. I have Jaybird Bluetooth earbuds which I love. They stay in place and sound great. You can control the volume on the cord and answer calls (if you choose to, I try not to, since it is my “me time” and the only person that calls me is my husband who knows if I don’t answer then I’m running). Thanks to my wonderful husband for buying them for me. He knows how many earbuds I have gone through over the years. How frustrating it was for me when they kept falling out during a run. These truly are the best!

A close second are Yurbuds. They also stay in during long sweaty runs. The reason they come in second is because they are not Bluetooth. Not really a big deal, especially since they are so cheap.

Music can get you through a rough mile or simply be background noise while you think about your to-do list for the day.

If music keeps you going, then check back weekly for new songs to add to your run list. If you have a song suggestion please put it in the comments section to share with everyone.

Remember, when running with earbuds always have the music low enough to hear your surroundings.

Be safe and keep running! 🙂


  1. Stan | 25th May 16

    I always run without music due to the early morning hours that I run. I actually have learned to appreciate the sounds of the new day beginning. The way the world is today I want to give maximum attention to my surroundings. Situational awareness is very important these days.

    • Denise | 26th May 16

      I agree Stan. It’s very important to be aware of your surroundings. Even in daylight I try to be aware of cars (I always make eye contact before stepping off a curb in front of a car) bikes and other people around me.
      I also find it to be a refreshing change to “unplug” once in a while for a run.

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