August Goals Recap and More Goals for September

My August goals got off to a slow start but things are looking up! I’m feeling stronger already. 🙂

I won’t bore you with every little detail…just a few highlights:

  • 5k Training: My runs varied from high altitude mountain hills, coastal beach path and intervals up and down my street. The intervals consisted of an easy 3.5 mile run with my dog, followed by 30 sec sprints with 1 min walk x 5 sets. I actually really liked doing intervals, (who knew?!). Interval training improves running form, burns more calories and makes you stronger/faster. Yay!
  • Strength training: I have been pretty consistant with my arm work-out. I do it almost every night and I feel like it is already helping my running. Pumping your arms helps propel you forward. You just need to find a balance between keeping your arms relaxed and using them to help you move forward. To see the arm work-out I am doing click here. I started at 15 reps but now do 20.
  • Planks: Hmmm…Let’s just say 2 minutes is a long time when doing a plank! It was extremely difficult. I have since done a couple 1 min planks and I’m good with that. I’ll work up to 2 min.
  • Healthy recipe: My husband made Mexican pasta salad, click here for the recipe. It was delicious, but we had way too much. I suggest cutting the recipe in half. That’s as far as I got with the weekly healthy recipes.
  • Mexican pasta salad
  • Stretching/foam roller: Okay, so foam rolling is supposed to be great for stretching out sore muscles, but nobody ever talks about how much upper body strength it takes to hold your tired body up, while moving it over the foam roller. It really just makes me feel old, weak and a little awkward. Maybe I just need to do it more. We’ll see. Click here to go to my fb page and watch a video from Runner’s World on the proper way to foam roll. Good luck! 😉
  • Running Journal: I’ve been writing in my journal every other day or so. It helps me see what I have accomplished and what I need to work on (like foam rolling…ugh). Today I had a friend show me some cool stamp pens (I don’t know what they are called). They come in a variety of colors and shapes (hearts, stars, flowers). I can’t wait to get some and dress up my  bullet journal. Google Bullet Journal to find a ton of info on how to start your own bullet journal.

There you have it. August is done and on to another month of goals.

This month I hope to continue with my progress on my current goals and aim for even better results.

  1. Running Goals: More hills and interval training. Providing the weather permits, a trail run or 2.
  2. Strength training:Add squats and lunges to my arm workout.
  3. Planks: Do a 1 min plank at least 5 nights a week.
  4. Healthy recipes: Aiming for 1 new recipe a week. I can do this.
  5. Stretching/foam roller: Foam roll for 10 mins after my weekly long run. Sometimes goals have to be modified to make them attainable. (Don’t judge 🙂 )
  6. Bullet Journal: Continue to keep track of my goals and work on dressing up my journal.

Do you set goals for yourself?

If so, what are your goals for this month?

Thanks for reading!

Keep Running!


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