Adding Some Dance Tunes to Music Monday

This song sounds a little disco-like to me. It is definitely a favorite on my runlist. I was so disappointed when Bruno didn’t perform it at his concert. 🙁  I quickly forgave him though, because really, he is Bruno, 🙂

Treasure Bruno Mars

bruno mars treasure

Music is an important part of my runs, but I do unplug every now and then. For example, when I do trail runs I don’t listen to music, because not only do I enjoy the silent beauty of nature (wow that sounds a little poetic), but I also feel it is important to be aware of your surroundings (such as, mountain lions or coyotes, yikes). I save my music for road running, and I always keep the volume at a level that allows me to here outside noise, (mountain lions are way too quiet for even low music).

Check back next week for another (what I think is) great song to add to your runlist.

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