A Song For Running or Road Trip

Summer is almost here (unless you live in southern California and it’s June gloom 🙁 ) and you’re probably planning a road trip. Or maybe you’re just cruising to the beach. Either way, I have a song for the car that works just as well on your run list.

Inspired by my new wheels…

Car Wash Christina Aguilera- (feat. Missy Elliott) carwash

A little different than the original version, a little more current. Enjoy!

I hope everyone is still running. The gloomy mornings aren’t very motivating, but it is the best running weather. If you are not a runner, go for a hike or a walk or a ride. Whatever you choose to do to stay fit, be safe. If you have earbuds in be sure the music is low enough to hear surrounding sounds.

Remember there are a few runs coming up, as well as a bike ride on Nov 5th (it will be here before you know it). There is a discount for the Bike the Coast Ride  until midnight tonight (06/13).

Check out Upcoming Events to find more info.

If you have a favorite road trip song, share it in the comments below.

Happy Music Monday everyone!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Keep running!

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