Beautiful Chilly Days in The Mountains

A quick post (because I gotta get out and run!)

I went up to my cabin in the mountains with hopes of seeing it snow. Well, the weather changed my plans, but I did get a nice hike in. I took my dog Sadie and we headed out to Keller Peak for a hike. Unfortunately the path was covered with snow and I couldn’t find it. We followed other footprints in the snow for about a half mile, but afraid of getting lost, I turned back.


keller peak 2


It was nice to see some water in the usually bone dry stream.

keller peak stream 2

After taking a few pictures I headed to Lake Gregory in Crestline, for a walk around the lake.

lake gregory

The weather was windy and freezing! We had a nice walk nonetheless. If I didn’t have my hiking boots on I would’ve ran to stay warm. My dog Sadie was loving it though.


The hike around the lake is 2 miles, when I run it, I usually do it twice. I love it at the lake, it’s so pretty. There are workout stations periodically throughout the path but I don’t usually do them…who am I kidding…I never do them. I can’t do a pull up if my life depended on it.

lake gregory2

If your ever going to Lake Arrowhead it’s worth the detour to Crestline for a walk around the lake. It can get busy in the summer, so the earlier the better to get parking.

A robin outside the cabin.

Take some time to go outside and connect with nature. It’s good for the soul. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Keep running my friends!

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