You Break Me Down, You Build Me Up, Believer…Pain!

I’ve been listening to some Alternative Rock lately so thought this would be a good song to add to my playlist.

This line in the lyrics of this weeks featured song made me think of how running can make you feel. Running can break you down, but then build you up and make you a believer. Pain! (speaks for itself) 😉   Also, there is something about the beat that attracts me. Imagine Dragons has a couple of songs I really like, but the videos are a little disturbing. Maybe next week I’ll choose something a little more light-hearted.

Believer Imagine Dragons


I like to listen to music from a variety of genres, but rock n’ roll and blues are the styles I prefer. There’s not a lot of blues suitable for working-out, more of a “hanging-out” kind of genre. 🙂

What kind of music do you prefer for working-out?

Keep running!


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