Music Monday is Running Away From The Sun

This weeks song starts off with a slow mellow rhythm then moves into a fast rocking beat. I like these kind of songs because they remind me to slow down and breathe, then I use the energy from the fast beat for a quick sprint. It’s a great song for interval training or fartleks. If you don’t know what that is see my post Running Terms Defined.

When I read through the lyrics I thought this was another song written by a lost soul but then I dug a little deeper and I found out the song is really about unconditional love, something we all want. I guess you could say that I unconditionally love running. :-/  Even when I hate it, I love it. When I can’t run for days or weeks (not sure that has ever happened) I know I will go back to it.

Fun Facts:

The song was released in October 2002.

Hit #3 on US Billboard 100.

Won a Grammy for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance  in 2003.


When I’m Gone 3Doors Down

When I'm Gone

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Remember when running with music to always have it at a volume that allows you to be aware of your surroundings. 

Do you run with music or do you prefer the peace and quiet? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Keep running!


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