Music for Your Playlist: Step Back in Time to Honor the Late J. Geils

I missed Music Monday last week due to my road trip to Oregon (post & pics to follow), so today I am going to post 2 songs for your runlist.

J.Geils, the lead guitarist of the J. Geils band, passed away last Tuesday at age 71. They were a rock/blues band from the 70’s & 80’s and were one of my favorites in the day. In honor of J.Geils I will feature one of my favorite songs that many of you probably never heard of.

Give It To Me  J. Geils


And in honor of the Boston Marathon which was held on Patriots’ Day, I am featuring a song from the band Boston.


Rock & Roll Band Boston

boston rock&roll

Check out the link at the top of the page to see all songs from 2016 and songs for 2017 thus far.

Spread your wings and try new music. There is so much music to enjoy!

Until next week…

Keep Running my friends!




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