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I heard this song during a performance at my daughter’s national dance competition this past weekend and thought it was a powerful song for running. I guess I always have running in the back of my mind.

Later when I researched the song, I found that it was meant to be an anthem for women, particularly black women, and was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. I almost chose to not feature this song because I think ALL lives matter. In my opinion the Black Lives Matter movement got out of hand with the violent protests and attacks on police officers. Of course, me being white, I suppose I cannot truly relate to how black people feel, so I try to have an open mind.

Bottom line, I still like the song, especially the line: “I’ma keep running…cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”

I think what Beyonce’ is saying, is… if you want change then “break the chains (yourself)“…fight for yourself and better yourself. At least that’s my take-a-way. You decide.


Freedom Beyonce’ feat. Kendrick Lamar


At the very least I hope this song empowers and inspires you to keep running.

Thanks for reading. Please come back soon! 🙂

Keep Running!


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